Even in its heyday, success on “Glee” simply would not translate into success in the mainstream music market.

Names like Matthew Morrison and Mark Salling, both of whom sold countless digital “Glee” soundtrack downloads, could not generate any buzz for their solo releases.

As fan interest in “Glee” began dying, so too did demand for such releases. Naya Rivera might have made minor waves with the release of her “Sorry” earlier this year, but considering its contribution from Big Sean and the passion of her fanbase, the performance was ultimately underwhelming.

Still, if there is anyone whose release could still generate some excitement, it is Lea Michele. Recognized as the biggest “Glee” star, Michele’s voice is essentially the voice of the FOX franchise. And come 2014, it will be the voice of studio album “Louder.”

Set for release next year, “Louder” will begin welcoming pre-orders on December 10. Lead single “Cannonball” will also hit shelves on that date.

To build excitement for the commencement of pre-orders, Michele released the complete track listing in a Twitter and Instagram post Sunday. The tracks are as follows:

1) Cannonball
2) On My Way
3) Burn With You
4) Battlefield
5) You’re Mine
6) Thousand Needles
7) Louder
8) Cue the Rain
9) Don’t Let Go
10) Empty Handed
11) If You Say So