Update: 1D’s “Midnight Memories” Sales Build on “Take Me Home”

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Update: While the difference between Billboard’s final sales data and Hits Daily Double’s preliminary information was not numerically significant, it was very contextually significant.

According to Billboard, “Midnight Memories” moved 546,000 copies in its inaugural week. That marks a slight gain over the 540,000 mark reached by last year’s “Take Me Home;” at 530,000 Hits Daily Double’s number suggested the boy band lost steam since last year.

“Midnight Memories” bows as the act’s third Billboard 200 number one in as many tries.

The weekly top ten:
1) One Direction – Midnight Memories – 546,000
2) Eminem – MMLP2 – 199,000
3) Garth Brooks – Blame it All on My Roots – 164,000
4) The Robertsons – Duck the Halls – 137,000
5) Katy Perry – Prism – 136,000
6) Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped in Red – 131,000
7) Lady Gaga – ARTPOP – 116,000
8) Luke Bryan – Crash My Party – 109,000
9) Miley Cyrus – Bangerz – 79,000
10) Various – NOW 48 – 77,000


Unless Billboard’s authoritative data differs significantly from the weekly Hits Daily Double report, One Direction’s “Midnight Memories” will debut short of the mark set by last year’s “Take Me Home.”

Despite benefiting from Black Friday shopping, “Midnight Memories” garnered an estimated 530.4K sales in its opening week. Last year’s “Take Me Home” debuted to the tune of 540K.

Though the decline is disappointing, the album still dominated the weekly sales race. Eminem’s “MMLP2″ and Garth Brooks’ “Blame it All On My Roots,” the next best performers, each moved just shy of 200,000 copies.

Benefiting from Black Friday, Kelly Clarkson’s “Wrapped in Red” and Katy Perry’s “Prism” returned to the top five on the strength of massive weekly sales gains. Up by 215% and 237%, respectively, the Clarkson and Perry albums finished fourth and fifth with roughly 133K in weekly sales.

  • sondra_a

    you must be joking. I’ve heard numbers of 537K or 547K for Midnight Memories and in that kind of volume, the different is irrelevant. This is not disappointing. It’s the fastest selling album of the year in the UK and did huge numbers there, and combined with the US numbers, it’s quite the triumph. It sold just as well as TMH in the US and will debut at #1. All three albums have debuted at #1 in the US. That is pretty incredible. No disappointments here.

    • Brian Cantor

      This was a rare case in which the disparity between Hits Daily Double’s data and the Billboard/Nielsen data was enough to create the wrong headline. There were a number of disparities this week (a huge difference on Garth Brooks), and the 1D sales figure was one of them. At 546K units, MM did grow from Take Me Home.

      Given that 1D is a higher-profile US act now than it was last year — and that the album released in Black Friday week — many were expecting more growth than that. But growth is growth.

      • sondra_a

        the difference between 530K, 540K, 547K is negligible! seems like you just want to put a negative spin on 1D. there’s no disputing their success and appeal, or the numbers. you should attempt getting VIP or floor tickets to their upcoming stadium tour if you think they are declining in popularity. enjoy being the only journalist having this point of view.

  • sondra_a

    http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/5812384/one-direction-scores-historic-third-no-1-album-on-billboard-200-chart no disappointments when you are “the first group to reach No. 1 with their first three albums” and “the third pop group to log multiple half-million sales weeks in the Nielsen SoundScan era”