“Glee” Overnight Ratings Slip, “X Factor” Holds Steady

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Update: Based on the fast nationals, FOX’s “Glee” dipped to a series low in total viewers and narrowly avoided one in the adults 18-49 demographic.

Thursday’s episode, which served as the second part of the Beatles-themed premiere, drew a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating with 4.43 million viewers. Down twenty percent in the demo, the decline was more significant than the overnight ratings suggested.

Earlier in the night, “The X Factor” delivered a 2.0 with 7.13 million viewers.

Given its decline from last year, there is no way to spin FOX’s Thursday performance as positive. But insofar as ratings for only one of its two shows dipped from last week, the network at least avoided a worst case scenario.

According to TV Media Insights, FOX’s “The X Factor” improved to a 5.2 overnight metered market rating for night two of the “4 Chair Challenge.” Though the variation might not manifest itself in the adults 18-49 and total viewership numbers, it does reflect a 0.2 increase from last week’s 5.0 overnight number.

Part two of “Glee”‘s Beatles-themed series premiere, however, suffered a slight decline to a 3.1 metered market number. Last week’s 3.4, which was down significantly from the season four premiere number, translated to a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating with 5.1 million viewers in the final nationals.

Thursday’s episode featured the debuts of Phoebe Strole’s Nurse Penny and Demi Lovato’s Dani. Erinn Westbrook’s Bree, who appeared briefly last week, meanwhile received positioning as the key antagonist for the McKinley portion of “Glee”‘s storyline.

The fast nationals–the first to measure adults 18-49 performance–are due by noon.

  • E25

    The only thing that might help Glee is to go all New York. The Lima part of the show is the same old stuff every week and the Newbies SUCK! The ratings will probably go down even further once the last of the Original Cast graduates because no one if interested in the Newbies. I also doubt Glee gets back the Finn/Finchel fans, once next weeks episode airs even more people will stop watching. Finn’s absence is really felt and it’s painful.

    • Dennise Covarrubias

      agree! Also, now glee is all about kurt and blaine! And they are so boring!! We want the original cast, it was so much fun with Quinn, Brittany, Puck and the rest of the originals.

  • Laura

    Does the Glee rating include recorded (DVR) numbers. I record the episodes to watch later. In fact about 90% of my TV shows are recorded. This way I can fast forward through commercials, rewind and see part of the show again, see the entire episode again, and see them when I have time or stop and see the show in more than one sitting.
    I disagree that Finn / Rachel fans will stop watching. I am a Finchel fan and I would like to see what happens to Rachel. Yes it is sad, but hope that Lea Michele would have the support of the fans.
    I agree that the Klaine story lines have been badly handled. The writers started diminishing the relationship instead of treating like any normal relationship. Hopefully they will do better the rest of the season and make it more real.
    I am starting to like Kitty. Bree is a joke. I don’t remember anyone caring that much about what a cheerleader thought or said when I was in high school.