Kaitlyn Wardrobe Malfunction Heats Up WWE RAW Segment

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Mistakes are a fact of life, and even though WWE’s PG initiative has led to a less-gratuitous role for its female performers, things will eventually slip up (well, out).

Such was the case Monday, when a wardrobe malfunction exposed WWE Diva Kaitlyn’s breast to the live audience. WWE’s production crew worked quickly to pull away from the shot–and even cut to black for a split second on some broadcasters–but there was no denying that Kaitlyn’s breast had popped out of her top.

The Kaitlyn wardrobe malfunction brought more intrigue to a very odd segment, in which Stephanie McMahon advised heel AJ Lee, the new Divas Champion, to act more like a champion, only to then confront babyface Kaitlyn for interrupting her.

Photos of the slip are easily accessible via a Google search; WWE’s YouTube version of the clip, shown below, has been edited to remove the envelope-pushing shot.

  • hidden ninja

    hardly even a nip slip :( 1/10