“Argo” Rides Awards Season Momentum into Oscar for Best Picture

Heads were turned and eyebrows were raised when Ben Affleck failed to receive a nomination in the Best Director category for his work on “Argo.”

With the direction so essential to the film’s acclaim, the Academy’s failure to recognize Affleck’s work seemed to suggest that voters might not receive “Argo” in the brightest possible light.

But once “Argo” began receiving award after award in the build-up to the Oscars, it slowly, but surely started to erase that doubt. Director snub or not, “Argo” had far more momentum than any other nominee, and it started to seem a foregone conclusion–rather than a longshot–that it would win the Best Picture prize.

Sure enough, “Argo,” which also won for Best Adapted Screenply, took the Best Picture prize.

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