AMC’s “Freakshow” Premieres to Weak Ratings, “Comic Book Men” Worse

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Looks like Cosmo Kramer was wrong. People apparently do not want to watch freaks.

The premiere of AMC’s “Freakshow” underwhelmed in the ratings last Thursday, delivering a mere 0.3 adults 18-49 rating with 642,000 viewers. While debuting on Valentine’s Day is not a coveted situation, the impact of the holiday was not great enough to suggest that the series would have been a hit otherwise.

Granted, matters likely could have been helped had “Freakshow” received support from a quality lead-in. Whereas other recent AMC launches had the luxury of debuting after mega-hit “The Walking Dead,” this series’ source of curious eyeballs was “Comic Book Men,” which absolutely flopped in the position.

“Men” delivered a mere 0.2 rating with 397,000 viewers at 9PM, making the situation daunting for the 9:30PM debut of “Freakshow.”

  • Katie

    I don’t know what people have against people that are different. People are too quick judge, so what if people choose to be different or are born that way. I watched it as I do not judge and I love people that are unique. None of them are actually “freaks”, they are all very sweet and kind. Sad that over all these years, that things still have changed.