Randy Couture’s dominant victory over James Toney was one thing, but how would a reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion fare against a reigning boxing champion?

According to the UFC side of the equation, quite well.

Speaking to the Associated Press, UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos declares he could beat boxing kingpin Wladimir Klitschko.

“I could beat that guy, man,” says dos Santos. “Maybe not easy, but I could knock him out.”

Not only confident in his ability to beat Klitschko, Dos Santos also took the opportunity to rip the boxer’s fighting style.

“Wladimir, the Klitschkos, they’re amazing….I like to watch them fight, especially Wladimir, but it’s kind of boring. They are really good at what they do, but they are very careful. They don’t go to the fight to finish the fight. They stay there in that safe strategy all the time. It’s not the Mike Tyson time. Guys don’t finish fights.”

Given the need to portray mixed martial arts as the superior sport, it would be business suicide for Dos Santos to publicly doubt his ability to hang with boxing’s top heavyweight. Still, the definitive nature of his declaration is definitely newsworthy.