“How I Met Your Mother” Staff Reveals New Look at “The Mother”

In the final moments of Monday’s season premiere, “How I Met Your Mother” gave viewers their most complete look yet at the titular character who will ultimately be revealed as Ted’s wife.

But the show was also careful not to make the character too identifiable. Though she was obviously wearing nice shoes and a maroon-ish dress, suggesting she was coming from Barney and Robin’s wedding, her torso was obscured with a trench coat and her face and hair were hidden by the infamous yellow umbrella.

The entire premise of the show hinges on milking that solitary reveal, so it is unlikely more substantive detail about the character will be revealed for a little while. In the meantime, however, viewers can enjoy another look at the woman with the umbrella.

Chris Kurumada (@ChrisKurumada), an assistant props master on the show, Tweeted a photo of the “Mother” from the set of last night’s episode. Showrunner Carter Bays re-Tweeted it.

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