Chael Sonnen’s Restaurant Hypes “Jon Jones Pizza,” DUI-Free, Loaded with Chicken

A viral advertisement for Chael Sonnen’s “Mean Street Pizza” restaurant in Oregon hypes the joint’s new “Jon Jones” special, playing off his refusal to accept a September 1 bout with the former Middleweight contender.

Posted on TMZ, the comedic image (see below) notes that the pizza is “loaded with chicken and full of cheese.” A special offering, interested eaters are asked to hurry and “get this deal before our chicken runs out and we have to cancel.”

This past week, Light Heavyweight Champion Jones helped provide UFC one of its biggest controversies in years when his rejection of the Sonnen fight led to the promotion cancelling UFC 151.

Jones was originally scheduled to fight Dan Henderson on the show, and when Henderson was forced to withdraw due to injury, Sonnen stepped up as a potential replacement.

After Jones refused the new fight, an upset UFC President Dana White confirmed the show’s cancellation to the media and pulled no punches in ripping Jones and his coach Greg Jackson for the situation.

He announced that Jones agreed to a new fight with contender Lyoto Machida at UFC 152 on September 22, but Machida ended up rejecting that proposed fight, forcing UFC to ultimately settle on Jones vs. Vitor Belfort.

It was never made clear why Sonnen, who was offered the bout on September 1, was not given the UFC 152 shot at Jones.

Poking fun at Jon Jones’ infamous DUI arrest, the advertisement notes that all orders come with a free six-pack of beer; delivery is offered so customers can “avoid a DUI.”

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