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FOX Reveals First Look at Lindsay Lohan on “Glee,” Other Nationals Spoilers

An oddly-scheduled 2011-12 season has resulted in many popular series having finales earlier than usual, but FOX’s “Glee” is not one of them. Its third season will run until May 22, the date that would have typically been expected for a year-long television series.

That means this week’s episode is not the finale; it is, however, a special two-hour installment centered on Nationals. And as is par for the course when “Glee” airs a competition episode, it will attempt to derive humor from its “celebrity judging panel.”

One of those celebrity judges will be Lindsay Lohan, who is featured prominently in FOX’s press photos for the episode. Those photos, along with other spoiler looks–including amusing shots of the characters dressing up as other ones (click the thumbnails to read the captions for an explanation)–are featured below.

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