Complete TNA Sacrifice Results Report for May 13, 2012

By  | Sacrifice Results Report for May 13, 2012:

World Tag Team Championship:
The World Tag Championship match started with Daniels and Magnus squaring off in the ring. Magnus worked to keep things grounded but control was still passed between these two. After, for the most part dominating Daniels, Magnus tagged in Joe who unleashed a series of offenses to break down Daniels to the point Kazarian felt it necessary to rescue him by pulling him out of the ring, at which point Joe went to work to make sure Kazarian would pay for it. Joe brought in Magnus to face off with Kazarian to continue their domination, though Kazarian and Daniels were able to turn things in their favor due to their backhanded tactics. Daniels and Kazarian were able to maintain their dominance for some time but Magnus was able to get the champs back into the game and get Joe in for the tag who unleashed another brutal offense on Kazarian and Daniels. The back and forth continued as did the increasing intensity of the match but finally after a double team move Daniels managed to get the pin on Magnus and become the new World Tag Team Champions.
Knockouts Championship:
There was obviously a lot of animosity between these two opponents and Gail Kim kicked off the match by getting straight to the point and let her know she means business, but Tessmacher was able to retaliate and show she wasn’t going down easy and was able to get in a near pin fall. Gail Kim seemed to able to maintain dominance for some time with Tessmacher able to have short defensive spurts but not enough to turn things in her favor. Gail Kim even managed to get in a few jabs at Tessmacher regarding her “assets”. Tessmacher did start to get an edge up taking things to the top rope and giving Gail Kim an elbow that lead to a near pin fall. Tessmacher was able to retain control of the match with her even able to implement Gail Kim’s own move on her, but Gail Kim was able to retain the Knockouts championship by using the ropes for extra leverage to get the three count.

Television Championship:
This match started out fairly uneven from the start as Robbie E and Robbie T were both aiming to take out Devon. Devon managed to maintain focus and was able to get rid of Robbie T to make things one on one, where he basically manhandled Robbie E. Finally Robbie T stopped Devon and pulled him out of the ring. After Robbie T took out Devon Robbie E started on Devon and every time Devon fought back Robbie T would stop then Robbie E would step in and try for the pin. Finally Devon was able to temporarily stop their offense but Robbie T managed to almost take out Devon and get a near pin fall that was actually stopped by Robbie E, which led to an argument between Robbie E and Robbie T. This distracted the two enough to allow Devon to get the pin on Robbie T. After the match Robbie T, still obviously upset with Robbie E stared him down but ultimately led to a joking noogie.
Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy
Both men seemed to have a mutual respect for each other as they squared off in the ring. Neither seemed to want to make a mistake as the two seemed to be sizing each other off from the start locking up twice before things really started moving. After some back and forth things made their way outside of the ring where Hardy was able to wear down Anderson some before bringing things back into the squared circle. Hardy was able to get Anderson worn down enough to get a near pin fall as did Anderson who was able to pull out an offense to allow for a couple near pin falls himself. For the most part the first part of the match was kept to the ground game with hits and submission moves and a general wearing down of the opponent’s body. Anderson spent some time working on Hardy’s arm. Seemingly out of nowhere Hardy was able give Anderson what looked like a mic check, which was able to slow Anderson down some. Anderson, in return gave Hardy a twist of fate. With both men trying the others finisher, neither was able to wear down their opponent enough to get the pin fall. Finally, after blocking a hit by Jeff Hardy, Anderson was able to get the three count to pick up the victory over Hardy. Though there was some controversy over whether or not Hardy lifted his shoulders up before the 3 count finished. Following the match Hardy and Anderson showed signs of mutual respect to each other.
Crimson Open Challenge
Crimson came out and put out another open challenge which it seemed as though nobody was going to answer but at the last minute Eric Young followed by ODB came out to answer the call and enter the open challenge. Young immediately locked up with the referee but managed to actually get into the actual match and give a great showing with a great offensive blitz on Crimson. Crimson was able to turn it around get started on Eric Young. After ODB tried to take out ODB young gets fired up and strips down to his American flag underwear to tear apart Crimson. However, after Young went to check on his wife, ODB, Crimson was able to take out Young and get the pin to continue his undefeated streak.
Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries:
The two men face off in the ring with Ray talking smack on Aries and Aries taking his insults with ease. Bully Ray seemed to try to avoid the match getting started which prompted the crowd to call him something other than Bully Ray.. that need not be repeated. . . Finally Aries was able to get things moving but Ray was able to get his retaliation in and spit in his face. The intensity of this match was way up as there seemed to be a lot of hatred between this two competitors, Aries even bit Ray’s calf at one point. Aries took quite a fall from the top rope after Ray kicked him off. Due to this, Aries was writhing in pain for some time and had giant welts on his back. Aries’ resilience was amazing as no matter what Bully threw at him he would always get back up. Bully seemed to display frustration at the fact that Aries always got back up even after Aries seemed to be finished. Finally Bully wanted to pull out the stops and he went for his chain, Joseph Parks saw this and came to object which distracted Ray enough to allow Aries to capitalize and wear on Ray. Aries was able to lift Bully into the air for a brain buster which seemed to be a for sure thing but Ray managed to kick out. After it seemed all hope was gone, Aries put Ray into the Last Chancery to force Ray to submit and give Aries the amazing win after what was a very physical match.
AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle
Styles went after Angle to try to match wrestling holds with AJ Styles, which forced Styles out of the ring. Kurt started to taunt AJ pointing for him to shoot on his leg but AJ came back to the ring with a slightly different strategy. The match went back and forth with explosive spurts you would expect to see in a match between Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. AJ was able to stop Kurt’s momentum and take over dominance of the match resulting in a number of near pin falls. Kurt ended up on the arena floor, Styles followed and nearly ended up on his head but was able to get out of it with grace. This did not help AJ as Kurt regained dominance over AJ with little defense coming from Styles. AJ Was able to find an opening and put Angle on the defensive allowing him to wear down Angle but not enough to get the pin after implementing his finishing Styles Clash. The two went back and forth and both seemed to kick out of everything that was being thrown at them by their opponent. Styles nearly lost it after interference form Kazarian and Daniels but ended up needing to tap out in the end with the ankle lock. When the match ended Kazarian and Daniels went to beat down on Styles but was ultimately stopped by Kurt Angle who helped out Styles in the end showing a new side of the Gold Medalist than what he has been displaying as of late.
World Heavyweight Championship:
Bobby started things out, with the key to the match being to wear down the opponent. RVD was able to wear down on Roode enough to attempt to bring the ladder into play but was stopped by Roode before he was able to get the ladder into the ring. Roode also made an attempt to bring the ladder into play but was stopped by RVD. The ladder was finally brought into the ring and was used as a weapon by Roode to wear down RVD, but before he could RVD turned it around on Roode and used it against him. Use of the ladder went back and forth between RVD and Roode with both continuing two wear down on each other. RVD brought into play a chair allowing him to further wear down on the champion and give RVD a chance to bring in another ladder and make an attempt for the belt. However, Roode thwarted RVD’s attempt just in time and following this went to work on RVD. The match continued to go back and forth and managed to get more violent as it progressed. In a final push for Roode to get the title RVD was torn up and may have injured his leg, but in the end Roode was able to make it to the top and get the title to retain.