Going into upfront season, we had long since known that flagship “CSI” was coming back for another season. That left the two spin-offs: “CSI: NY” and “CSI: Miami,” both of which have spent the past several seasons on the bubble.

One of them will not be coming back, and based on gossip from previous years, it might be a surprise.

“CSI: Miami” is, in fact, the lone wolf headed into cancellation. CBS confirmed its veteran procedural will not be back next season. “CSI: NY,” however, will stay for at least another season.

Others joining “CSI: Miami” in cancellation are freshmen “Rob,” “NYC 22” and “Unforgettable.” “NYC 22” never had a chance with its ratings, but the other two were legitimate bubble series ahead of the announcement.

“A Gifted Man” had already been cancelled.