“Hunger Games” Holds Over “Three Stooges,” “Cabin in the Woods”

Neither “The Three Stooges” nor “Cabin in the Woods” outright bombed this weekend, but the two newcomers still proved no match for holdover powerhouse “The Hunger Games.”

The book adaptation scored its fourth straight weekend atop the domestic box office with $21.5 million. It now stands at a cumulative gross of $337.1 million.

The $17.1 million take for the “Stooges” would not have been good had the film’s original casting targets Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro and Jim Carrey stayed in the mix, but given the lower-profile current cast and the lukewarm critical response, things could have been a lot worse. It beat out “Cabin in the Woods” ($14.9 million).

“Titanic 3D” ($11.6 million, -33%) and “American Reunion” ($10.7 million, -50%) rounded out the top five. “Lockout,” a newcomer, was good for $6.3 million and ninth place.

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