Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” Album Sales Top One Million, Beat Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now”

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Thanks in no small part to a major promotion on, which offered a digital version of the album for 99 cents, Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” crossed the million mark to become the fastest-selling album in years.

Wednesday’s Billboard 200 chart will reveal that the latest Gaga album sold 1,108,000 copies for the top slot. Though big, chart-topping sales had undoubtedly been expected, it was unclear she could cross the million threshold. “The Fame Monster,” an EP-esque release that followed her breakout “The Fame” and preceded “Born,” had only helped move about 300,000 copies (combined total from sales of the actual disc and the repackaged deluxe version of “The Fame”) in its debut and thus failed to provide proof that she could be quite so massive an “album artist.”

With hits like “Just Dance,” “Poker Face,” “Paparazzi,” “Bad Romance” and “Born this Way” essentially everywhere, she had already established herself as a singles hit-maker.

While the 1.108 million total tops that of Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” (1.047 million) and ranks as the best debut since 50 Cent’s “The Massacre” net 1.141 million in 2005, Swift fans can point to the fact that “Speak Now” reached its total with a higher price-point. There were indeed promotions for Swift as well, but not rivaled the 99c deal for “Born this Way” on Amazon. Not surprisingly, more than 660,000 digital copies of “Born this Way” were sold in the debut week–an all-time record for the format.

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  • Home Inspector Training

    I think it’s very impressive to see gaga push one million copies the first week. I mean anything less than that would have been a FLOP, considering all the promo and hype surrounding the album.

  • dan

    Gaga totally cheated, now we will see one million sales more often do to this insane marketing strategies, Swift’s on the other hand was a real success, the price of SN hasn’t decreased that much even today, to be able to sell that amount of albums on the regular price is IMPRESSIVE

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  • Elizabeth

    Is just numbers, so much fans don’t like this album so this “success” is very weak.

  • Edward Hall

    I still think there must be something wrong with those numbers. I just cannot believe so many people can have such “good” taste.

  • Mamastones

    Her album was on sale for only 99c so this might of helped towards it!