Following John Cena’s Monday Night RAW crack about Justin Gabriel’s “alternative” lifestyle, clearly phrased by Cena as a joke about the possibility of Gabriel being gay, the rumor mill has been turning to identify the backstory behind the comment.

Technically, the comment could have been a simple crack on the way Justin Gabriel has always been portrayed by WWE–officially, he is called a cross between Johnny Damon and homosexual “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert. But wrestling insiders have speculated that there was more to the comment, with one rumor suggesting he is, in fact, dating a popular WWE Diva and the comment was a rib on the fact that he is, within the company, thus clearly demonstrating his heterosexuality.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter clarifies the rumor, noting that backstage reports suggest he is dating Kelly Kelly.

— While TNA has restricted its use of talent like Rob Van Dam, Kevin Nash and Sting to prevent going over their contracted number of booking dates, the feeling is that the company plans to continue to use Ric Flair–even if it means paying for going over his contract level–because of how integral his storyline is to the product right now.