Batista’s Future WWE Plans, Early News On Undertaker at Summerslam

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– The plan at press time was for Undertaker to wrestle Jack Swagger at Summerslam. Obviously, a lot can get in the way of that happening, but that Summerslam match is on WWE’s long-term docket.

– As was announced last week, WWE booked John Cena vs. Batista’s Over the Limit bout as an I-Quit match, rather than as a “Loser Leaves Town” affair. The news came as a surprise to those aware that Batista is planning to embark on a hiatus from WWE.

While part of WWE’s decision to hold off on the “Loser Leaves Town” match was in response to TNA running that stipulation a week earlier at the Sacrifice pay-per-view, the word is also that creative is still not entirely sure Batista will leave. Batista has made noise of leaving for a while, but there is still an internal belief that he can be convinced not to walk away from his multi-million dollar salary.

The “I Quit” stipulation simply gives WWE more options. It would be perfectly reasonable for Batista to leave the company after “quitting” on pay-per-view, but should he choose to stay, the stipulation would not result in the loser of the match being “banned” from RAW.


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