The stylistic similarities between Miley Cyrus’ new single “Can’t Be Tamed” and Christina Aguilera’s comeback song “Not Myself Tonight” are so glaring that some have wondered if the “Hannah Montana” star is set to steal the Diva’s thunder ahead of the summer music season.

Now, just days after Christina Aguilera’s sexy music video debuted online comes Miley’s own attempt at generating racy buzz. The new video definitely showcases Cyrus’ attempt to shed her carefree, youthful image in pursuit of an edgier, more provocative pop persona. Appearing as a rare bird species known as “Aves Cyrus,” Miley wears a revealing outfit and participates in her most “grown-up” video to date.

Does seventeen year old Miley’s new image come across as believable? And how does it compare to the new Christina video? Both are featured below: