— With Conan O’Brien red hot in the entertainment community yet contractually unable to begin a new series until September, he will presumably look for opportunities to keep his momentum going.

WWE is hoping that could translate into interest in hosting its weekly RAW program, as creative reportedly has tossed around the idea of trying to score O’Brien as a guest host.

There is no word on whether he would even consider the role, but the publicity and intrigue he would bring is exactly why WWE initially incorporated the guest hosting concept.

— Backstage talk persists that WWE and SyFy are expected to overhaul the weekly ECW series. No specific ideas have been passed around, but some say SyFy has begun re-pushing its original idea of incorporating science fiction/alternative elements into the wrestling broadcast.

Regardless of the specific direction chosen, many still believe the ECW name and identity will ultimately be dropped.

Source: F4WOnline.com