Recently-departed WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy was arrested late this week for multiple drug-related charges, including counts of felony trafficking, felony possession with intent to distribute and felony possession.

Fayetteville Police searched Hardy’s home after receiving a tip from an anonymous source a few days ago. Upon searching his residence, police discovered 262 prescription Vicodin pills, 180 prescription Soma pills, 55 mL of anabolic steroids, residual amounts of cocaine and various drug paraphernalia.

Hardy was released from custody on bond Friday; he noted on his Twitter, “Alot of exaggerations are out there today, don’t believe everything you read 4 it is not true, I am at home and fine-thanks for your concern,” before later adding, “The media is the media, I wish they would at least report the story correctly & accurately. I will make a statement later.”