Hottest WWE Diva, Backstage RAW Update, McMahon’s Texting

— With voting closed in the hottest WWE Diva tournament, Headline Planet can officially announce that readers named Kelly Kelly the company’s hottest Diva. After three rounds of voting on the entire female portion of WWE’s roster, participants gave Kelly the victory over fellow finalists Maryse, Mickie James and Eve.

Final results: Kelly Kelly (40.2%), Maryse (26.0%), Mickie (25.2%), Eve (8.7%)

— A number of readers and wrestling critics have questioned why Triple H used an antiquated, corded landline phone during the phone call segment on Monday’s RAW. The answer is simple–WWE wanted to play up the other party’s disinterest in Triple H’s offer by virtue of the dialtone at the end of the call. While WWE could have used a cordless phone (or at least a more modern-looking corded one) for the segment, a cellular phone would not have allowed for the same effect.

— According to, Vince McMahon is a “voracious” texter, at least as far as his communication with the creative team is concerned.

WWE divas Eve and Kelly Kelly at WrestleMania press conference in NYC

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