CM Punk Says TNA Isn’t Competition, Speaks On Firings

CM Punk was recently interviewed by The Sun in the UK where he spoke on WWE, as well as his former stomping grounds TNA. Here are some highlights:

If he would jump ship back to TNA or any other company: “No, I’d not jump ship, this is the place to be, nowhere comes close and I’m happy here. We don’t really have any competition and if you want to be a top class professional wrestler in the US you have to be working for the WWE.”

On whether he stays in touch with his TNA friends or not: “Not that I should shed light on my personal life, but I’ve just recently stayed at (Samoa) Joe’s house in Florida for a few nights, we just hung out, never mentioned wrestling and relaxed. He’s still my best friend. It’s awesome to just chill out and relax by the pool that way.”

On Umaga & Mr. Kennedy being released from WWE: “I honestly don’t know why, I was confused when Ken got let go, I’m unsure if it was down to his injuries or what. Umaga’s the same and I really don’t know why they were let go. It’s a personal thing and I don’t like to ask things like that, I’m not a gossipy guy, so it’s nothing I really get involved in at all.”



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